The Testament



A committed historian and his pursuit of the truth behind a Holocaust-era massacre in Austria are the subjects of THE TESTAMENT.


Having spent years studying the Nazi methods of annihilating Jews in Austria and Hungary, Yoel is regarded as one of the leading international experts in Holocaust research. He is troubled by his latest project – to locate a mass grave of Jewish victims of mob brutality in Lensdorf during WWII. It’s a race against the clock as a land development deal is set to go through and potentially cover the alleged gravesite forever. His efforts seem to be frustrated on all sides as witnesses, survivors, and collaborators all prove unreliable, excusing their reluctance to share information for fear of retribution.


Upon perusing some classified documents, Yoel stumbles upon testimony submitted by his own mother. In researching the documents further, Yoel is shocked to learn that his mother has been living under an assumed identity his entire life. Acknowledging that his whole life may have been built upon a lie, he hides behind his work to uncover the truth and claim justice for the victims and survivors of the Lensdorf massacre. THE TESTAMENT proves some secrets cannot remain buried forever.



Israel/Austria * 2017 * 96 minutes * Hebrew with English subtitles * Drama


Starring: Ori Pfeffer, Rivka Gur, Hagit Dasberg, Ori Yaniv, Orna Rothberg

Director: Amichai Greenberg