Past Life


Two Israeli sisters unravel the shocking truth about their father’s murky wartime experiences in PAST LIFE, a hybrid detective thriller and heart-tugging melodrama.

Set in the late 1970s, the film centers on the daughters of Holocaust survivors, combative liberal journalist Nana and her younger sister Sephi, a soprano and aspiring composer. After a performance in West Berlin, Sephi is accosted by an elderly Polish woman who angrily accuses her father of murder. Traumatized by the startling encounter, the sisters launch an investigation, attempting to discover what really happened to their father in Poland during the war.

As guilty secrets and troubling revelations are dredged up, PAST LIFE boldly charts dangerous emotional territory, still very much part of the Israeli collective subconscious. Writer-director Avi Nesher, himself the son of Holocaust survivors, based his screenplay on actual events chronicled the wartime diaries of Dr. Baruch Milch. 

Israel / Poland * 2016 * 107 minutes * German, Hebrew, Polish and English with English subtitles * Drama

Starring: Nelly Tagar, Joy Rieger, Doron Tavory 

Director: Avi Nesher



SPEAKER at Harkins Shea 14:  Janice Friebaum


Janice has a master’s degree in Jewish and Holocaust Studies.  She is the founder and Immediate Past Chairperson of Generations After – Descendants of Holocaust Survivors in Greater Phoenix, serves on the Coordinating Council of Generations of the Shoah, International, the Advisory Council of the Martin Springer Institute at NAU, and the Steering Committee of the We Remember Project:  The Holocaust Art of Robert Sutz.  She focuses on working with descendants groups and frontline health care workers assisting aging Holocaust survivors, and lectures extensively on the Holocaust at a variety of events. In Boca Raton, she served as Executive Director of LEAH (League for Educational Awareness of the Holocaust) and Education Chair of NEXT GENERATIONS; in Washington State founded OCOHS (Olympia Children of Holocaust Survivors) and was on the Board of the State’s Holocaust Education Resource Center.  She helped launch the effort to recover Holocaust-era insurance benefits for survivors and their heirs, and interviewed survivors for USC’s Shoah Visual History Foundation. She has travelled to Poland and Germany to further her Holocaust studies and research her own family history.