Keep The Change

KEEP THE CHANGE           


In KEEP THE CHANGE, upper-class New Yorker David leads a very comfortable life until he is mandated to attend a support group for adults with disabilities at the Jewish Community Center. There, he is forced to come to terms with his own high-functioning autism, despite his resentment towards being singled out as different.

David is obsessed with being perceived as "normal”, thanks in part to his parents, and wants nothing to do with the other members of the support group. That changes when he meets quirky Sarah. She is optimistic, embraces her differences and exudes positivity and confidence. David’s life is sunny and bright. Things change again when David brings Sarah home to meet his family. Their intense and lovely romance becomes challenged.


In a world where no character is “normal”, KEEP THE CHANGE is an endearing romantic comedy about people navigating the difficulties of a relationship while exploring an underrepresented community with authenticity, optimism and humor.


***The film’s cast includes actors on the autism spectrum.


USA * 2017 * 94 minutes * English * Romantic Comedy


Starring: Brandon Polansky, Samantha Elisofon, Tibor Feldman, Jessica Walter

Director: Rachel Israel







IN OTHER WORDS involves a father recalling a moment of a lost opportunity to communicate with his daughter.


Short Film * Israel * 2016 * 6 minutes * Hebrew with English subtitles * 


Director: Tal Kantor