Keep Quiet



A notorious anti-Semite and fascist firebrand undergoes an astonishing transformation after finding out he is Jewish in KEEP QUIET, a provocative examination of spiritual and ideological realignment.

By his mid-twenties, Csanad Szegedi, a fervent Holocaust denier and outspoken anti-Semite, rises up through the ranks to lead the Hungarian far-right conservative Jobbik Party. Cofounding the Hungarian Guard and serving his country in the European Parliament, Szegedi, with his extremist views and racist agenda, ascends the political ladder. He rises in power until the day his world tumbles. Discovering that his grandmother is an Auschwitz survivor and he is Jewish, Szegedi has no choice but to come to terms with his true identity. After the initial shock subsides and members of his own party turn against him, Szegedi, desperate and alone, seeks the help of a local Orthodox rabbi who takes Szegedi under his wing. Despite protests from his peers, the empathetic rabbi aids Szegedi in his unbelievable transformation from raving anti-Semite to devout Jew.

Is Szegedi’s story one of genuine epiphany and rectitude or an act of fraud and moral impropriety? KEEP QUIET is certain to spark sharp debate as it weaves a powerful narrative of redemption with a primer on Hungary’s recent troubled sociopolitical climate. 

United Kingdom / Hungary * 2016 * 93 minutes * Hungarian and English with English subtitles * Documentary

Starring: Csanaád Szegedi, Rabbi Boruch Oberlander




SPEAKER - Harkins Shea 14 - Tuesday February 13th at 3pm

Dr. Murray Henner

Dr. Henner, whose parents were survivors, is Professor of International Law and Intelligence at Embry Riddle University.  He has authored over 50 books and 75 Law Journal articles over the past 36 years.  A Fulbright Scholar, he holds a Post-Doctoral Degree in International Law.  In 2016, he was awarded the Brandeis International Legal Scholar Award as one of the top three such academics globally.  As part of his students graduate Human Rights Program, he brings 35 – 50 of his students to the Film Festival.  A former judge from the 2nd District, he is a member of over ten state and federal bars.  His area of expertise is Holocaust Revisionism.  He is fluent in German.