The Invisibles


THE INVISIBLES dramatically tells the story of four young German Jews in 1943 who manage to survive the Third Reich in Berlin by living in plain sight. Taking on false identities and risky activities, they endure through resourcefulness, luck, and the decency of fellow Germans.


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Still a teen, Hanni Lévy has lost both of her parents; with her dyed blonde hair, she is practically invisible to her pursuers, and strolls along the Ku’damm to pass time. Cioma Schönhaus also has gone underground and leads an adventurous life that consists of buying a sailboat, dining in Berlin’s best restaurants, and becoming an expert passport forger, which helps saves the lives of dozens of other Jews. While Eugen Friede joins a resistance group that distributes anti-government leaflets, Ruth Arndt dreams about a life in America during the daytime; at night, she pretends to be a war widow and serves black-market gourmet foods in the apartment of a Nazi officer.


Skillfully weaving interviews with the four survivors who inspired the film and dramatic reenactments, THE INVISIBLES tells the story of these bold survivors who not only survived the horrors of WWII, but have become contemporary witnesses.


Germany * 2017 * 110 minutes * German with English subtitles * Docudrama

Starring: Liron Levo, Nataly Attiya, Anat Atzmon, Moshe Ivgy, Dan Turgeman 

Director: Claus Rafle





At Peoria Park West


In WENDY’S SHABBAT, a group of Jewish senior citizens celebrate Shabbat at their local Wendy’s with Hebrew blessings over candlelight and challah, as well as milkshakes and fries.


Short Film * USA * 2017 * 14 minutes * English *

Director: Rachel Myers