Household Pass

Purchase of a Household Festival Pass for $180 entitles the holder to see all of our films.


Please follow this procedure:


You have clicked on Household Pass or Ticket Sales Tab at the top of this page to order your pass(es). You may order more than one pass for gifts.


If you purchase Household Passes as gifts in addition to the one for yourself, please provide the Festival the email addresses of your recipients in a single email to This is so that your recipients can be registered as Passholders. The recipients will receive an email with registration instructions for their Household Pass.

When you receive your own Household Pass link, please use the link to access the Festival Portal and login with your Festival email and password.


That will bring you to a display of all the Festival films, whether or not they are currently available to view.

Please note that "Bully. Coward. Victim.: The Story of Roy Cohn", has a set audience limit, so timely selection is important.


You may begin watching the film within 72 hours of the start time on a smartphone, tablet, or computer (do not use Internet Explorer), by clicking on the films image, and on Play. Pausing and rewinding is OK, but the film may only be watched once. Once the film is started, it can only be completed in the same home or office where it started; it cannot be watched elsewhere, but viewing must be completed within the 72-hour window. NOTE: If you're going to switch devices to watch, do NOT close your browser before opening on the next device.


  1. To view on your TV instead of your computer, the computer can be connected to a TVs HDMI input slot (usually located on the rear of the TV), with an HDMI to HDMI cable.

  2. To view on your TV from your smartphone or tablet you must use AirPlay or Chromecast directly from the device's screen. Screen mirroring is not supported. Phones and tablets cannot be connected to TVs with cables.

  3. If you have a Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Apple TV - search and install the Phoenix Jewish Film Festival App for your device. You will be prompted to verify your device with the Portal login. That should only have to be done once for each device. That will then bring you to the same screen with all the film images and can be watched from there.


For technical support, such as connections or viewing, please contact our hotline at 602.777.3030 from the hours of 8AM - 6PM now until February 12th, then 8AM - 8PM from February 13th - March 3rd. All AZ time (MST).

For all other issues, such as ticketing or billing problems, please contact us at 602.753.9366 from the hours of 9AM - 8PM; service available now. All AZ time (MST), or send an email to

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    You may order more than one pass for gifts.