Bye Bye Germany



A smooth-talking salesman, who barely survived the concentration camps and wants to leave for America, is stymied by a tenacious U.S. special agent demanding more information on his wartime activities in BYE BYE GERMANY.


At the end of the Third Reich, most surviving Jews from the Holocaust understandably left Germany as quickly as possible. Former concentration camp inmate David Bermann, one of 4,000 other real-life survivors who remained, sees his blasted homeland as the land of opportunity. The persuasive salesman recruits some friends to sell linens to Germans at inflated prices by employing outlandish shenanigans, absurd ploys and good old-fashioned chutzpah. While his friends are earning the money for their tickets to America, David is meeting with U.S. Special Agent Sara Simon who is determined to discover his secrets.


Director Sam Garbarski maintains the upbeat tone for most of the film, wringing sly humor from the absurdities faced by the salesmen, but memories of the horrors they each faced lay just under the surface. BYE BYE GERMANY is a tale of re-assimilation and rebirth and how maintaining a sense of humor is a vital step towards redemption.


German * 2017 * 102 minutes * German and English with English subtitles * Dramady

Starring: Moritz Bleibtreu, Antje Traue, Mark Ivanir, Tim Seyfi

Director: Sam Garbarski






In WENDY’S SHABBAT, a group of Jewish senior citizens celebrate Shabbat at their local Wendy’s with Hebrew blessings over candlelight and challah, as well as milkshakes and fries.


Short Film * USA * 2017 * 14 minutes * English *

Director Rachel Myers