AMOR asks the viewer to consider the true nature of love and what it asks of oneself, especially if the request goes against one’s nature and even the law.


After years of wandering through Europe, Daniel, an artist, suddenly returns to his childhood home in Israel. He has come back to see Lila, the love of his life, a former ballet teacher. The dancer, now paralyzed, has been bedridden for more than three years with no hope for recovery. Lila wants to end her life. Those who love her refuse her pleas for help, protesting that religious law prohibits euthanasia. The question comes to Daniel.  Can his love face its ultimate test, doing the unimaginable for Lila and giving her the release she cannot achieve herself?


AMOR lyrically and beautifully explores the depths of love, its opportunities and challenges. Love may be simultaneously unending, fragile and fleeting. Love is all we have.  



Israel * 2016 * 86 minutes * Hebrew with English subtitles * Drama


Starring: Liron Levo, Nataly Attiya, Anat Atzmon, Moshe Ivgy, Dan Turgeman


Director: Raphael Rebibo